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Birthdays, Weddings and other major life events are just not the same without a beautiful cake to celebrate. From cupcakes to tiered designs, to cakes with sugar models and novelty cakes, we love creating fabulous centre pieces for your celebration.

Every cake is handmade to order and is designed to suit the requirements of every client. Our picture gallery features examples of some of our birthday cakes and will give you some ideas. We offer a variety of flavours using the finest quality ingredients from the classic vanilla sponge and marble cakes to a decadent chocolate or delicious carrot cake.

It is important to consider the size, the theme of the party, personality, hobbies and interests of the recipient when choosing or customising a design. We can provide candles and include a personalised message on request. All enquiries are gratefully received and we are happy to offer advice to ensure you come up with the perfect celebration cake design for your celebration.

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